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Photo by Chuy Benitez, taken at the unveiling of the artist’s murals at the Station Museum in Houston, Texas in 2013. You may already know Skeez181, even if you have not met him face to face. His aerosol murals dot the walls at points of interest in our city. His masks, which gained a reputation […]Read more →
Dengue Dengue Dengue!, Peru’s seminal tropical bass group and chief collaborators in the local music scene, gained worldwide recognition in the last several years for their progressive sound, remarkable audiovisual performances, and emerging status as an international icon of the electronically inspired roots revival movement. This past weekend, in Houston, they headlined the Wonky Power […]Read more →
BEAU AND JESSICA POPE STENCIL ARTISTS Chimera Art Mag Exclusive STRICTLY STENCILS is an annual art show that takes place in Houston, Texas, curated by the husband and wife duo, Popes with Paint. The purpose of the show is to exhibit the work of local and other stencil artists and call attention to the artform. […]Read more →