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Follow us into a world of  literature, noise, and maybe some P.K.D. Shit. Inside the office for Whatever, Mom Publications somewhere in Houston, books line the walls and electric wires connect one device to another. Each time Traci Lavois Thiebaud presses a key on her typewriter you can hear the sounds of letters coming through an amplifier. Matt […]Read more →
“I think art is one of those things that never stops, it’s always marinating.” Adrienne Elyse Meyers Adrienne grew up in the East Texas Woods and currently lives and works in Houston. Natural elements appear in her drawings and paintings that show the subtle influences of her environment. Some of her work is inspired by […]Read more →
Houston Performance Artist Emmanuel Nuño Arambula in collaboration with artist Daniel Anguilu will use his body as canvas when he takes to the streets at Art Crawl to present the public with a new art piece. He will be in a Censored Box asking people if they would like to view the art questioning their opinion […]Read more →