”What will my redeemer be like? I ask myself. Will he be a bull or a man? will he perhaps be a bull with the face of a man? or will he be like me?” Jorge Luis Borges: The House of Asterion Ulises Perea is one of the greatest, if not the best, figurative abstract […]Read more →
Chicago native Jesse Greene, who has amassed an audience under his pseudonym Dense83, is recognized for his artistic and fashion-based photography. “I would call myself an editorial photographer,“ he says, referencing his practice of styling everything just so, from the model to the background, in accordance with the concept for the vision of the shoot. […]Read more →
Yamin Cespedes Salazar, a Chilean born artist and professor of art, elevates the standards of creative expression in the local art scene through his work. Alongside his wife, the gorgeous Sid Rebel, he upholds an eclectic aesthetic, influenced in part by enigmatic past masters like M.C. Escher, Dali, and H.R. Giger, and in part by […]Read more →