SAMAR ALLARAKIA DESIGNER, ARTIST Samar Allarakia is an artist and designer who introduces visual concepts as fashion apparel. Connecting the space between design, art and fashion, her aesthetic is also a statement of cultural inspiration. Raised in London and the Middle East, the artist’s career launched in Houston. The works of art she designed to […]Read more →
Entre los días 16 al 21 de Abril, Uriel Landeros y Daniel Anguilu viajaron a Ayotzinapa provincia de Guerrero, Mexico a pintar un mural en conmemoración a la desaparición de los 43 estudantes de la Universidad Normal Rural Isidro Burgos en septiembre 26,2014. Despúes de 7 meses la fe de estos estudiantes aun es un […]Read more →
Molly Gochman is an advocate and activist who is using art to raise awareness to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. In March 2015 she visited Houston to work on The Red Sand Project which she says depends on community involvement. For this project she is working with others to sprinkle red sand into sidewalk cracks in hopes […]Read more →