Drawings Opening Reception   With a free vodka cranberry in hand I took a glance around the packed art hall. Senior Jukebox and DJ Clandestino spun the best tunes as only they know how to do. There was a great mix of people attending, demonstrating the diversity and beauty of the magnificent city of Houston. […]Read more →
This past Friday, December 6th, 2013 Chimera Art and Culture Magazine  checked out the work of the Amazing Hancock Bros. Which consisted of a lot of distinctive styles of Screen printing and hand drawn pieces, that of which I took as a skillful mockery of Satanic and demonic surrealism. It was clever for the Hancock […]Read more →
From crafts, clothes, art and food, the live version of the popular crafting site Etsy arrived in town via the Houston PopShop at Silver Street Studios. The PopShop offered a calm alternative to the rush and panic of Black Friday as shoppers browsed for holiday gifts on Saturday and Sunday. Adriana Whitney showcased painting and […]Read more →