This past September, Meeting of Styles (MOS), made their mark on the city for the third time. FX crew member, Pilot and Frost from MCT, called on their fellow artists from 14 different countries to battle the Houston heat armed with only aerosol cans and the desire to breathe life into their visions. It’s safe to say that the mission […]Read more →
Dengue Dengue Dengue!, Peru’s seminal tropical bass group and chief collaborators in the local music scene, gained worldwide recognition in the last several years for their progressive sound, remarkable audiovisual performances, and emerging status as an international icon of the electronically inspired roots revival movement. This past weekend, in Houston, they headlined the Wonky Power […]Read more →
Molly Gochman is an advocate and activist who is using art to raise awareness to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. In March 2015 she visited Houston to work on The Red Sand Project which she says depends on community involvement. For this project she is working with others to sprinkle red sand into sidewalk cracks in hopes […]Read more →