SAMAR ALLARAKIA DESIGNER, ARTIST Samar Allarakia is an artist and designer who introduces visual concepts as fashion apparel. Connecting the space between design, art and fashion, her aesthetic is also a statement of cultural inspiration. Raised in London and the Middle East, the artist’s career launched in Houston. The works of art she designed to […]Read more →
Poems for Sale1
Follow us into a world of  literature, noise, and maybe some P.K.D. Shit. Inside the office for Whatever, Mom Publications somewhere in Houston, books line the walls and electric wires connect one device to another. Each time Traci Lavois Thiebaud presses a key on her typewriter you can hear the sounds of letters coming through an amplifier. Matt […]Read more →
If you couldn’t grab a printed publication you can see it here. In this issue you will enjoy the artwork of  Houston artists such as : Daniel Anguilu  drawings exhibit Jah Jah https://www.facebook.com/jah.jah.5648 Nina Marinick https://www.facebook.com/nina.marinick Dual Psych-Out Exhibit    http://dualstreets.com/ The Core Remains exhibit Mad Decent Exhibit  Black Cassidy https://www.facebook.com/BlackCassidyArt Bao Pham https://soundcloud.com/bao7891 Strictly Stencils II organized by Popes […]Read more →